Dr Constantinos Zilemenos, 
PhD, Sorbonne II, Paris,  Lawyer - writer 


Mary Marouli - Zilemenou, Ph.D, professor comparative politics, Member of the Euro-Mediterranean Academy of Arts & Sciences (E.M.A.A.S), President Hellenic National Council of Clubs and Centers for UNESCO

Honorary Committee
Leonidas Kogetsof, former rector of Dimocrition University of Thrace
Nikos Doukakis, engineer, Geneva
Venetia Chuard Pitsiladi,writer, Geneva 
Ioannis Petropoulos, professor of philology, Dimocrition University of Thrace, General Manager of the Center of the Hellenic Studies of Harvard University in Greece

Board of Directors
Mary Marouli – Zilemenou, Ph.D professor of comparative politics, Member of the Euro-Mediterranean Academy of Arts & Sciences (E.M.A.A.S)
Anastasios Varelas, MA, MBA, f. diplomat, MFA of New Zealand
Nikos Markatos, f. rector of “Metsovion” Technological University of Athens
Susana Michailidou Ph.D, vice Chancellor, Webster university, Athens
Michalis Christakis, Ph.D president of Pan-Hellenic Union of General Directors of Local Administration “Kleisthenis"
Fotis Metallinos. rtd. General
Katerina Karfaki, judge

Members of Scientific Committees
Constantinos Svolopoulos, professor, Athens university, former president  of the Academy of Athens,  
Emmanuel Mikroyannakis, professor, university of Athens
Father George Metallinos, professor, university of Athens
Vasilis Georgiadis, historian, writer
Georgios Tsoutsos, political scientist
Aggeliki Bourbouli Dr of political sciences
Leonidas Papakonstantinidis, professor of  Technological Institute of Kalamata
Andreas Papastamou Ph.D, economic diplomat
Loukas Karytinos, maestro
Nikos Xanthoulis, composer, musician 
Emmanouil Karavalakis, physician
Christos Dracopoulos, economist 
Kostas Sachinidis PhD, dance sciocology
Dr. Evangelos Venetis, political analyst specializing in Medal East
Georgia Maurommati, lawyer
Andreas Karamanis, lawyer
Eutuxios Zarkos, business consultant


International Relations
Katerina Kouniniotis, painter 
Janis Bishop Tripodakis, economist 

Communication/Public relations
Eutychios Zarkos, business consaltunt
Isaia Tsaousidou, journalist vice president of the European Federation of journalists

Legal Advisors
Argyris Petropoulos, lawyer, LLM
Konstantinos   Mitropoulos, lawyer
Liana Nikolaidou, lawyer LLM

Members of the Honorary & Scientific Committees (1994-2018 +)
Ioannis Grivas, former Prime Minister of Greece
Vassilis Filias, f. rector of Panteion university 
Constantinos Despotopoulos, former president of the Academy of Athens
Jaqueline De Romilly, member of French Academy ((1994-2010)
Themis Kourousopoulos, fpresident  of  the Council of  State 
Vasos Rotis, fpresident  of the Council of State
Diomidis Psilos, professor, economist
Spyros Kalogeropoulos -Stratis, professor of international relations 
Pavlos Petridis, professor of constitutional Hellenic history
Ilias Krispis, professor of International Law
Panagiotis Christopoulos, professor, historian 
Anna Synodinou, tragic actress 
Nikos Synodinos, General Manager of National Lyric Theatre 
Maria Cherogiorgou,pianist, educator of children
Menelaos Palandios,f. president of the Academy of Athens