Since 1997, the Centre οf European Studies and Humanities awards the Gold Medal "Ioannis Kapodistrias" to personalities that have contributed to the spread of Hellenic spirit and Hellenic culture in general. 

See the link "1997,Ioannis Kapodistrias Year "

Here are some of the personalities that have been awarded the Gold Medal " Ioannis Kapodistrias" .
·         Albania’s archbishop Anastasios
·         Federico Mayor, former General Director of UNESCO
·         Jacqueline de Romilly, of the French Academy, Greek lover
·         Pierre Schori, Swedish Ambassador in the United Nations
·         Helen Foka, teacher from Cyprus
·         Prof. Bertrand Bouvier, of the Swiss Academy, Switzerland
·         Michelle Bouvier, Historian, Switzerland
·         Marina Rytova, of the Russian Academy, Russia
·         Ilias Tomazos, President of the Foundation “Paideia” (Education), USA
·         Constantinos Despotopoulos, former President of Athens Academy
·         Prof. Grigory Arsh, of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
·         Anna Synodinou, Tragedian
·         Menelaos Paladios, composer, Academy member
·         Odysseas Dimitriadis, Conductor, Russia
·         Prof. Francisco Rodriguez Adrados, Academy member, Spain
·         Prof. Alfonso Martinez – Diez, Spain
·         Professor Dr. Frau Erika Simon, Germany
·         Niki Goulandri, President of the Museum of Natural History
·          Professor Nicholas Hammond, England
·         Prof. José Luis Navaro, Spain
·         Prof. Sonia Poromanska, Bulgaria
·         Prof. Henry Marsh, neurosurgeon, England
·         Elpida Dafni, nurse of The Greek Red Cross
·         Dr Igor Kuriletz, neurosurgeon, Ukraine
·         Prof. Panagioris Balas, vascular surgeon
·    Valentina Matviyenko, President of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of Russia