UNESCO ARGOLIDAS The Argolis Club for UNESCO was founded in 1999 and operates successfully on projects concerning the  Greek culture and implemented through educational seminars  in Argolis-Greece.
In 2001, under the auspices of UNESCO, a pilot program was launched entitled "Lessons in Mycenaean civilization" addressed mainly to foreign students of universities from Europe and USA.
It is a cycle study of Mycenaean civilization that enables young people to become acquainted with one of the greatest civilizations of the ancient world.
Classes take place every summer in Argolis from 2001.
A very important program, launched under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, involves an audio- visual spectacle (CD-ROM) under  the title "POLYCHRYSES MYCENAE". 

The production is based on using three-dimensional digital computer animation at the highest available quality level "photorealism" and is intended for schools and other educational institutions in Greece and abroad.

Finally, in the framework of the UNESCO program "Associated Schools Project Network» which involves the cooperation among schools in order to spread the culture of different countries, and the protection of cultural heritage through educational exchanges and other parallel actions,  a program  of affiliation between  schools in Argolida with schools abroad will commence.


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